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Turn also have skills in different environments with different technologies

In the course of driving, cars turn is a very unusual thing, but everyone knows turning techniques, author and a number of older drivers go here, learned several different roads turning skills.
town street or access door turn
within 50-100 metres before turning in slow, turn signal direction, so that "a slow, two-, and three by" close attention to the inside of the car turning, beware the curbside parallel car of unknown direction of pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles grab way.
Cha junction of turn
left turn Shi, driver to see road ban line identifies, ahead of issued steering signal, steering Shi as by road left, for Hou car and right turn of car provides convenient; right turn Shi, also to first issued steering signal, turn to slow, while note steering Shi of into bent and out bent angle, prevent right Hou round drove way outside, wipe met pedestrian and obstacles. When fog
driver driving in this weather, be sure to know, open front lights and fog lights as soon as possible, optimum use of horns in order to attract the attention of pedestrians and other vehicles, slow, and always be prepared for braking parking.
/> steep slope near a bend, to its slow deceleration, sound, manual transmission cars on steep bends when changed into low gear and enough climbing power, avoid turning gear, in case of accident. Turn time to select appropriate, should once turn to avoid due to improper steering not turn, and need a car, and then turn, increasing the risk.
in summary, vehicle before the turn, you must first control the speed, and always be prepared to Park, try to avoid using the emergency brake and then passing. When turning steering wheel with speed match should timely transfer, timely direction, steering angle depends on the circumstances in which, to avoid accidents.

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