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Accompanied driving prices
Senior accompanied driving instructor, after paying, not satisfied with non-paying, coach permit holders, more than 10 years of experience in coaching, when you use a car if the vehicle accident scratch violation all up to us to pay, remove your worries. True humanistic teaching, VIP service, one man, one car, the entire Shuttle, on-site service, partnership practice. New Toyota Corolla, the installation of a professional coach car under braking and taking out full insurance. Come to us you will not regret, let you feel the real driving pleasure, acquired excellent driving skills benefit you. You to I is trust I to you life of driving security
automatically wave 100 Yuan/hours, 2 hours started, 10 hours sent one hours
Manual wave 90 Yuan/hours, 2 hours started, 10 hours sent one hours
Camry 120/hours, 2 hours started, 10 hours sent one hours
A. peak period busy sections practice B.  corners, and narrow road passing experience C.  ramp traffic jams processing d. Like Highway (North Central, NI gang, Marina Boulevard) in exercise E.  corner, tips on junction turn driving F.  driving at night g. parking skills h. roadside parking skills I. routine vehicle maintenance and inspection j. traffic laws, signs of common sense security system all the accompanied driving vehicles for new car, good condition. And under braking, buying a new car insurance, the maximum guarantee the safety training. Before getting on the professional exemption accompanied driving cooperation agreement was signed with the trainees.

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